Our Philosophy



“La Belleza del Alma”, which means “The Beauty of the Soul”, is a space inspired by leading an eco-friendly lifestyle that respects all living beings. Going back to basics and taking nature in its purest, wildest form is our main raison d’être.

Since the beginning of time, women have been using sacred trees and ancient plants as part of their beauty rituals, as they pass all of their age-old wisdom on to us through their seeds and fruit and feed our skin with pure, living ingredients.

After many years researching, our brand came into being in the search of excellence and the highest of quality. We’re vegan and eco-certified. We only believe in pure, essential cosmetics that are free from parabens, GMOs, PEGs, preservatives, mineral oils and any other petrochemical byproducts.

We use violet glass to package our products. Thanks to biophotonics, all visible light, except ultraviolet light, is blocked out allowing a certain amount of UVA and infrared to get through. This exclusive combination is the best defence against ageing caused by visible light and helps preserve the product, making it more effective, for longer.
For us, it’s not all about the product. We believe that experiences make people who they are and that’s why we want you to really make a connection and feel the experience at La Beauté de l’Âme.

Thanks to our highly trained professionals, you are sure to enjoy our à la carte or bespoke treatments, packed with pure, wild oils and aromas.

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