Threading is an ancient technique from Asia, which consists of using a thin cotton thread to remove facial hair from the root. La Beauté de l´Âme -led by Cecilia Morales, threading pioneer in Spain- offers professional threading and ongoing, personalised advice so your perfect brows enhance your eyes.
Unlike traditional hair removal techniques, threading has so many benefits:
·   Prevents the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and flaccidity because the thread doesn’t pull the skin like wax does
·   Removes even the finest of hairs for impeccable brows
·   It’s really precise, giving you perfectly defined, neat brows
·   100% natural: we only use cotton thread
·   Hair is removed from the root, making it finer and weaker
·   Great for any facial hair, as it weakens the hair
·   No more bumps or ingrown hairs, often caused by tweezing
·   Perfect for delicate and sensitive skin

Eyebrows design: 12€

Chin: 6€

Forehead: 9€

Neck: 12€

Full face: 32€

Upper lip: 6€

Cheeks: 6€

Sideburns: 9€

Ears: 8€

Face & Eyebrows: 28€

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