One of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets.
An Egyptian hair removal method using sugar and lemon.

Half Legs: 17€

Full Legs: 25€

Full legs + Bikini line: 30€

Arms: 15€

Bikini Line: 10€

Brazilian: 20€

Full legs + Bikini line: 30€

Underarms: 10€

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure Free Generation

We only use eight-free, vegan nail polish for our manicures and pedicures,
which contain a UV filter, protecting nails from turning yellow.

NO toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, parabens, xylene, camphor or colofan.

Petit instant

The perfect solution if you are short of time but want perfect nails. We remove your old polish, shape your nails and apply a free-generation polish and hydration treatment.

Manicure: 15€

Pedicure: 20€


The treatment starts with a Himalayan salt and rose petal hand soak. Then, we shape your nails, trim your cuticles and apply a free-generation polish and hydration treatment, followed by a hand massage.

Manicure: 20€ / Male: 15€

Pedicure 35€ / Male: 30€

Facial Rituals

All of our facial rituals are à la carte and bespoke.

We only use eco-friendly, vegan cosmetics.


This facial deeply cleanses skin, removes impurities, purifies and gently shrinks pores, meaning that it’s suitable for even the most delicate, sensitive skin types. Achieve cleaner, smoother, brighter skin with this facial.

60 min / 50€


Oxygen treatment. Detox with superfoods, making skin brighter and fresher, removing toxins. Perfect for dull-looking skin or skin exposed to pollutants.

50 min / 55€


An explosion of vitamin C and antioxidants to brighten dull, tired-looking skin, diminish dark spots and fight premature ageing. This treatment stimulates the skin’s collagen, making it more flexible, smoother and firmer.

50 min / 55€


When LED light is applied to the skin, it provides it with energy that stimulates tissues and collagen, making skin appear younger, brighter, more hydrated and firmer. This treatment acts against skin ageing, dark spots and acne through light photons with different intensities and colours. This therapy is non-invasive and has no secondary effects. See results after the first session!

60 min / 70€

Eyebrows & lashes


Colour treatment to enhance your eyes.

We use organic, vegan tints consisting of Ayurvedic blends that enhance your colour and/or cover any grey hairs, while regenerating and strengthening hair, preventing brow loss or premature greying.

All of our tints are free from ammonia, peroxide, animal pigments, chemical colours, PPDs, metal salts, colour boosters, resorcinol and parabens.


Vegan tints consisting of Ayurvedic blends



Vegan tints consisting of Ayurvedic blends


Eco Vegan Make-Up

Look after your skin with our range of professional eco vegan make-up.

Free from petrochemicals, heavy metals, parabens and animal-derived ingredients.

Day make-up

Look after your skin with our range of professional eco vegan make-up.

30 €

Night/Party make-up

Take care of your skin with an organic-vegan professional make-up line.


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