One of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets.
An Egyptian hair removal method using sugar and lemon.

Half Legs: 18€

Full Legs: 26€

Full legs + Bikini line: 31€

Arms: 16€

Bikini line: 10 €

Brazilian: 20€

Full Brazilian: 30€

Underarms: 11€

Manicure & Pedicure

All our manicures and pedicures are made with organic and vegan products


Semi-Permanent Manucurist

The ecological solution for semi-permanent manicure!

Glazes composed of up to 84% ingredients of natural origin.

Removes nails without damaging nails with an acetone-free nail polish remover, with 97% naturally sourced ingredients

Cruelty free


FREE FROM: DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Xylene, Styrene, Hydroquinone, Ethyl Tosylamide, Trifeline Phosphate, Benzophenone, Monomers, Animal Ingredients



Tratamiento + Color con Certificado Halal.

Our Breathable formula is a 1-step nail color, no base or top coat needed! It prevents chipping and peeling for and is infused with Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C longer lasting manicures and stronger, healthier looking nails.

Cruelty-Free · Formulated Without Harmful Ingredients

LIBRES DE : DBP, Tolueno, Formaldehído, Alcanfor, Resina de Formaldehído, Etil Tosilamida, Parabenos,Tripolifosfato de Sodio-TPP, Gluten,  Xileno, Mit , Mequinol-Mehq, Ingredientes de orígen animal


Take off nail polish, shape and polish

13 Free Transpirable

Manicure : 15€
Pedicure: 20€


Semipermanente Green Flash

Manicure: 20€
Pedicure : 25 €


Take off nail polish, shape, remove cuticle, polish and oil hydration

13 Free Transpirable

Manicure : 20€
Pedicure: 35€
 Manicure & Pedicure: 50 € 


Semipermanente Green Flash

Manicure: 25€
Pedicure : 40 €
Manicure & Pedicure: 60 €


Manicure 15
Pedicure 30€

Facial Rituals


We only use organic and vegan cosmetics.


This facial deeply cleanses skin, removes impurities, purifies and gently shrinks pores, meaning that it’s suitable for even the most delicate, sensitive skin types. Achieve cleaner, smoother, brighter skin with this facial.

60 min / 50€


Personalized treatment a la carte according to skin needs (spots, acne, anti-wrinkle, dull skin …) performed with aromatherapy and treatment with led light therapy


60 min / 55€


Rejuvenating, firming Japanese facial ritual with lifting effect, performed with mixtures of organic oils and aromatherapy. It relaxes the facial muscles, activates circulation, eliminates toxins and dead cells, firms, provides elasticity and luminosity, oxygenates the skin, regenerates tissues.
An exquisite gift for your skin!

60 min / 60€

Wood Therapy

Millenary technique of oriental origin, which consists of a vigorous manual massage performed with different wooden instruments, which provides us with numerous benefits: Activates circulation, eliminates accumulated fats and toxins, Improves muscle tone and firms, molds and stylizes the figure, eliminates cellulite

Made with a formula of organic vegetable and essential oils that stimulate the metabolism favoring the elimination of fats and firming the skin tissue

CORPORAL (60 min)

Body massage focused on combating body cellulite and shaping the figure. Eliminates accumulated fat favoring drainage, elimination of toxins and fluid retention

1 session : 55€

Bonnus 5+1: 275€

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