Cecilia Morales

Cecilia Morales

Natural de Moguer (Huelva) and Bachelor of Business Administration and Management.

Her passion for natural and healthy care and her clear entrepreneurial vocation led her in 2008 to embark on a pioneering and innovative project at that time opening her first beauty salon specializing in Thread Removal (Threading) and organic cosmetics.

After 8 years of expansion in Spain as co-founder of the firm “Sundara”, she decided to embark on a personal project consistent with her philosophy of life, founding in 2016 “La Beauté de l’Âme” (The Beauty of the Soul), creating her own 100% vegan and organic cosmetic firm.

La Beauté de l’Âme was born not only from a passion for healthy Beauty, but as a consequence of a lifestyle based on respect for nature and all living beings. A concept inspired by Eco-friendly and eco-conscious and respectful Beauty.

Her long history makes her a benchmark in Spain in Eyebrow Design and Thread Removal.

Today, with more than 12 years of experience in team building, she also offers training to professionals who want to learn this ancient art.

Expert in eyebrow design and thread hair removal

Discover and learn the secrets of eyebrow design to enhance the natural beauty of the look.

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