Look Desing

Lash lift - Brow lamination

free of ammonia, ethanolamine and thioglycolate.
We’ve replaced the traditional chemical components with natural amino acids and enzymes.
with organics ingredients


Frequently Asked Questions

It is a revolutionary semi-permanent treatment to raise the curvature of the eyelash, lengthening them from the root naturally, without toxic ingredients

It is a revolutionary semi-permanent technique that allows to achieve a perfect eyebrow design, combing, fixing and smoothing the hair.
Perfect for rebellious and wavy eyebrows, and also to get a wilder look and more voluminous eyebrows

Both treatments last between 4 and 6 weeks

♥ All the products we use are vegan and free of hazardous chemicals:

♥ These toxic ingredients are replaced by amino acids, natural enzymes and organic ingredients that nourish, moisturize and care for the hair, strengthening it.

♥ There is no risk of eyelash breakage or damage to the hair structure. The treatment is designed to restore eyelashes and The treatment can be repeated whenever desired without having to wait a while between themeyebrows naturally and strengthen them over time.

Lash lift

40€ (60min)

Brow Lamination

40€ (45min)

Look desing

Lash Lift  + Brow Lamination

70€(1H 20min)

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